[17.] Hasan ucûr (megh. 1694): Lisn l-cAcem, 1155 gurre-i acbn/October 1742

size: 2 vols / [2], 454 and [2], 451 pages;
printed surface: 130250 mm;
page: 195310 mm;
lines: 33;
copies: 500.

The printer who set himself the aim to enlighten and cultivate the society of his period started and ended his mission with the publication of two dictionaries. After the Arabic lexicon which was useful, moreover indispensable to the cultivation of the Ottoman Turkish language, he decided to publish a dictionary of Persian language which played an equally important role in the contemporary Ottoman culture.

The Oriental Collection has a complete copy [MTAK shelfmark: 766.668] as well as an incomplete first volume of another copy [MTAK shelfmark: 766.667].

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