[14-15.] Mehmed Râșid (megh. 1735): Târîh-i Râșid, 1153 evâsıt-i muharrem/February 1741

size: 3 vols / [14], 277; [9], 194 pages; [2], 114 pages;
printed surface: 130Ś250 mm;
page: 195Ś310 mm;
lines: 33;
copies: 500.

One of the main aims of Müteferrika as a publisher was to present the events of recent Ottoman history to his contemporaries. This is why he published, as a continuation of Nacîmâ’s chronicle, those by Mehmed Râșid and İsmâcîl cÂsim Çelebizâde (1685-1760), which are the chronological complementations of the former work. The independent chronicle of Çelebizâde was bound together with the third volume of Râșid’s work. In his introduction to Râșid’s history Müteferrika refers to both works, so in spite of the autonomous page numbering of the volumes, the colligate can be considered as one coherent publication. The book already begins with an European-style frontispiece, and at the end of the third volume it offers a detailed description on the functioning of the press (fols 199r-120r.).

The Oriental Collection preserves two copies of the three volumes of the complete work [MTAK shelfmark: 766.669, 768.408].
276v   2r   1v   előzék   borító


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