[6.] Tārīh al-Mısr al-cedīd, Tārīh al-Mısr al-kadīm, 1142 gurre-i zīlhicce/June 1730

size: [4], 65 fols;
printed surface: 100×160 mm;
page: 150×220 mm;
lines: 21-22;
copies: 500.

This volume on the history of Egypt includes two, originally separate works. The first part, by Ahmed ibn Hemdem Süheylī, resumes the history from the beginnings of the Ottoman occupation to 1629, while the second treats it from the beginnings of Egypt to the Ottoman conquest.

The copy in the Oriental Collection [MTAK shelfmark: 700.981] has three possessor’s notes, the earliest of which was written in 1790.
    Tārīh al-Mısr al-kadīm, 1v-2r   Tārīh al-Mısr al-cedīd, 1v-2r


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