[2] Tevrh-i Sm ve kir ve Subh, 1198/1784.

size: [8], 71, 238 fol.;
printed surface: 145250 mm;
page: 205320 mm;
lines: 33.

The publication of Ottoman chronicles which began in 1734 with the edition of Nacim’s history, continued after a long break in 1783. This volume, containing the works of three court chroniclers who followed each other in rapid succession, is a chronological continuation of Mehmed Rid’s history, published by Mteferrika. Arpaemnizde Mustafa Sm (died 1734) was the court’s historian from 1730 to 1733, kir Hseyin (died 1742) in 1733, and Subh Mehmed (ca. 1711 – 1769) from 1739 to 1745. The work of the three chroniclers is known as one coherent historiography, which presents the events of Ottoman history from 1730 to 1744. This work is a particularly valuable source on the Hapsburg-Ottoman war between 1736 and 1739, in which Subh personally participated. The prestige of the work, which offers detailed data on the administrative events (appointments, dismissals and other biographical communications) is further increased by the fact that Subh in many cases used original documents.

The Oriental Collection preserves two copies [MTAK shelfmark: 768.407; 768.408]
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