[1.] Mustafa Mehmed el-Vânî (died 1592): Lugat-i Vankûli, 1170/1756

size: 2 volumes / [4], 376 and [2], 430 fol.;
printed surface: 145×260 mm;
page: 220×230 mm;
lines: 33-34;
copies: 500.

This work is the Turkish version by Mustafa Mehmed el-Vânî (died 1592) of the medieval Arab dictionary made by Ismācīl ibn Ḥammād al-Ğawharī (died ca. 1003) and known as Mucğam al-Ṣiḥāḥ. It was published in two volumes, the first of which includes the Sultan’s decree permitting the working of the press, this time signed by cOsmân III (1754-1757).

The Oriental Collection preserves the second edition of the work, published in 1756 [MTAK shelfmark: 743.394], from the bequest of Ármin Vámbéry.
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