[13.] Mustafa Nacîmâ (1655-1716): Târîh-i Nacîmâ, 1147 evâsıt-i muharrem/October 1734

size: 2 vols / [24], 701 and [6], 711 pages;
printed surface: 125×250 mm;
page: 195×310 mm;
lines: 33;
copies: 500.

Mustafa Nacîmâ is considered as the first official historian (vakcanüvis) of the Sultan’s court. His historical work, whose original title was Ravzat ül-Hüseyn fî hulâsat-i ahbâr ül-hâfıkeyn, described the history of the Ottoman Empire from 1574 until 1655, and was regarded as the most reliable Turkish chronicle of the period. The second volume of the printed edition was complemented by an appendix of 29 pages compiled by Müteferrika, in which he prolonged the chronicle by five more years, until 1660. This work, with its ideas proposing modernization, was especially fitting to the publisher’s strategy of Müteferrika. On the basis of the list composed by the defters registering the bequest of the printer, this two-volume work was especially popular in comparison to the other prints: almost four fifths of the published copies had been sold.

Two complete works [MTAK shelfmark: 766.671, 768.404]; and a second volume of the chronicle [MTAK shelfmark: 770.320] can be found in the Oriental Collection.
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