[12.] Mustafa ibn cAbdallâh Haci Halîfe (Kâtib Çelebi, 1609-1657): Takvîm ül-tevârîh, 1146 muharrem/June 1733

size: [10], 247 pages;
printed surface: 100×205 mm;
page: 170×270 mm;
lines: 27;
copies: 500.

This chronological history of mankind spreads from the beginnings to 1648, but this work by Kâtib Çelebi was complemented by two more chronologies, one compiled by himself and one by Şeyh Mehmed Efendi, which extended it to 1733. According to the preface, the publication of this work was suggested by the Grand Mufti.

The Oriental Collection has no copy of this work. One copy can be found in the National Széchényi Library [OSZK shelfmark: H 3151].


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