[2.] Mustafa ibn cAbdallâh Haci Halîfe (Kâtib Çelebi, 1609-1657): Tuhfet ül-kibâr fî esfâr ül-bihâr, 1141 gurre-i zîlkâde /1729. május

size: 75, [2] fols;
printed surface: 125×195 mm;
page: 170×250 mm;
lines: 25;
copies: 1000.

The legendary 17th-century Ottoman Turkish scholar Kâtib Çelebi started to write this historical work a propos of the Cretan war of 1645, and completed it as a unique summary of the history of Turkish maritime operations. The first part reports on the success of the Ottoman fleet before 1453, while the second reviews the history of maritime wars and the condition and organizational structure of the fleet from the conquest of Istanbul to 1653. The description is complemented by several maps as well as by a list of the admirals (kapudân paşa). The origin of the engraved maps included in the printed version is unclear. Müteferrika may have considered it suitable to publish both for its historical value of and its popularity. The introductory pages of the printed version include the publisher’s preface and four recommendations.

The copy of the Oriental Collection [MTAK shelfmark: 768.409] contains a possessor’s note by one of the earliest (if not the first) owner, an officer called Mustafa, from January 1737 (15 Ramazan 1149 A.H.).
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