[1.] Mustafa Mehmed el-Vânî (died 1592): Lugat-i Vankûli, 1141, receb/February 1729

size: 2 vols / 666 and 755 pages;
printed surface: 145×230 mm;
page: 220×260 mm;
lines: 33-34;
copies: 500.

This work is the Turkish version by Mustafa Mehmed el-Vânî (died 1592) of the medieval Arab dictionary made by Ismācīl ibn Ḥammād al-Ğawharī (died ca. 1003) and known as Mucğam al-Ṣiḥāḥ. It was published in two volumes, the first of which includes the Sultan’s decree permitting the working of the press. The decree is followed by the fetwa (legislative resolution) by Grand Mufti cAbdullâh, Müteferrika’ treatise promoting book publishing (Vesîlet al-tıbâca), and the supportive declarations (takrîz)of several authorities. After Müteferrika’s death in 1757, as an overture of an attempt to restart the press, a second edition of the two-volume work was published.

The National Széchényi Library preserves the above described first edition [OSZK shelfmark: H 3252], and the Oriental Collection of the LHAS the second edition of 1756 [MTAK shelfmark: 743.394]. This latter is in the bequest of Ármin Vámbéry. The introductory appendices of the first edition are from the copy of the Széchényi Library.
introductory 3v-4r   introductory 2v-3r   introductory 1v-2r
introductory 6v-7r   introductory 5v-6r   introductory 4v-5r
introductory 9v-10r   introductory 8v-9r  

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